The woman Marant

Refined and elegant on the one hand, sporty-chic and gritty on the other .

Marant Leather proposes several solutions to the woman.

In fact, thanks to its products, always fashionable and to walk with the times makes the only female figure in its kind, all Marant range matches every style, given by the different colors on each product or accessory, in fact every woman puts the 'attention to detail. And it is to them that we think when we study and realize our hand every single product.

It starts from the bags , the point strength of the brand Marant, colored, made with real quality leather, embroidery and unique style always trendy. The quilts are to be carried by hand without effort, shoulders and thanks to the long shoulder strap, removable on most of our range, completely changes the look of the bag that makes it more practical to carry.

For the woman who wants style, lightness, convenience and absolute comfort Marant offers its unique and colorful clutch bag, an essential accessory, and for every woman who loves to shop that wants to get everything in one place are also offered shopping bags , big, roomy, but always practical and read.

Marant also proposes enjoy Backpacks and Backpacks, comfortable to wear on the shoulders, strong and with details to make your accessory distinguishable from others.

They can not miss the leather wallet, precious companions, colored to be matched to the bag and casual enough to never be out of tune.

To complete each look leather accessories and leather belts with simple lines to add any style freshness and elegance.

All our products are handmade by our craftsmen who put passion and harmony, fine leathers to ensure that the product you have purchased can last as long as possible, we believe in the Made in Italy and for this our whole manufacturing and skins are Italian , and we have very low prices because we sell directly to the end customer.

Would you like one of our products at a price even lower but with the same quality? Then have a look at OFFERS section, you will not regret!

Come and discover the new F.W. 2018 Bags and Accessories dedicated to the contemporary woman.