Marant Leather and secure payments

 1. Pay safe on the Internet

 Today with the advent of new sophisticated technologies and tools it's easy to be phishing (Phishing) during an online payment.

Marant guarantees only secure, acknowledged payments and all the warranty required by the customer to keep every malicious action from any malicious person.

On the site the safest method used, guaranteed and above all fast is PayPal

This method, in addition to being secure and robust, allows you to pay by one email only with your PayPal account, or with Credit Cards and / or Bank Accounts linked to PayPal's email address.

In fact, PayPal will handle the Transaction in its security and transparency.

In summary with the table below, Marant summarizes all payment methods.


PayPal (Safe, immediate payment, most used in the world, guarantee the customer)

Credit Card (Secure, immediate payment)

ATM (Secure, immediate payment)

Bank Transfer (Safe, not immediate payment, shipping part only after the arrival of the payment)