Leather Marant is pleased to announce that on most of its products *

END 29 november 2019

20% discount on all bags


50% discount on all bag in "Outlet"


2 Bags - Additional discount of € 5

3 or more Bags - Additional discount of € 10

The discount will be applied automatically in the shopping cart when you add products.

(The discount will appear automatically without action by the customer.)

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The promotion is not valid on certain categories of products written below:

The promotion will be inactive if the basket are ONLY items of Category "Accessories" (Belts, Wallets, accessories) and "OFFERS".

If the basket are other categories of products (handbags, Business and Travel) is a product that belongs in the category "Accessories" and "OFFERS" the offer is VALID.

The EXTRA discount is valid only if at least 2 or more products of THESE categories have been included (AI2018, Bags, Business and Travel)

All other voucher if included in the basket will not be accepted or will cancel this promotion, claiming only the entered voucher.


- If the basket are ONLY belts, wallets, accessories, or a product in the category "OFFERS", the offer is NOT VALID.

- If you are in the basket belts, wallets, accessories, or a product in the category "OFFERS" and at least one stock, a business product or a trip product, the offer is VALID.

- If the shopping cart, products belonging to the categories "Bags", "Travel" and "Business" offer is VALID.

-If the basket products are suitable for promotion and you add a good DIFFERENT, then the promotion or will be deactivated and the added good will be active or good inserted it will not be activated and promotion proposed here will remain active.

Conditions BLACK FRIDAY Marant 2019